Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Five Diet Tips

Today I thought I'd share five tips about how to maintain your weight. I use all five of these quite often.... um, well, ignore that fact. : )

1. When making brownies or cake, don’t use the mixer. Stir that batter by hand. I don’t mean a wimpy hand mixer; I mean get that wooden spoon out and stir, baby. This burns whatever calories you would consume when eating the finished product. Right?

2. Never, never, ever give in to your own craving. Buy one for your child instead and then teach him or her the value of sharing. Which, as we know, is an important life skill. Besides, we all know, there are no calories if it’s not yours.

3.Walk as you eat. This is a no brainer. Not only are you actually exercising as you eat, chances are, the calories won’t catch up to you.

4.I do not believer in completely denying yourself. This just leads to binging later. If you’re eating chocolate like... I don’t know... a handful of chocolate chips or M & Ms, add a teaspoon of peanut butter. We all know protein is good for you and will help you metabolize sugar and hey, peanut butter has protein. The fact that it goes really well with chocolate is just an added bonus.

5.Now this is a super seekrit trick I’ve used for years. Add a packet of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal to your chocolate chip cookie recipe. Not only does this give it an excellent subtle flavor, it adds fiber to the cookies and, you know, that makes them good for you.

Happy eating!