Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Day in the Life: Catch Up

I smiled as I typed the title. This is something I never seem to do.

So as far as gardening. I haven't taken any new pictures because I haven't done any gardening. It's finally cool enough but I am a slave to the computer right now. Cooking, well I have some pictures I'd like to share if I can find time to post them.

Which leads me to...

I am hard at work on Book #3 in the Triune Stones Series and waiting for copy edits on book #2. What I had for book #3 was made void by what I changed in book one and two so it's a complete rewrite. That means almost 80 K in 8 weeks. I've  done it before but not with an infant.

Which leads me to...

The baby who does not sleep. She started solid food. I was hoping it would help her to sleep longer. You know. Full belly=sleep, right? Well, apparently not. She's growing and so the doctor says she's fine, she just doesn't need a lot of sleep. She didn't get that from me. Every once in awhile, she'll crash for an hour. Sometimes, I can get her down for two 30 minute naps. But she is sleeping until 9 am and going to  bed around 9 pm with three feedings between. That means I'm not a zombie, and if I wake up early or go to bed late, I can get 2 hours of writing in.

Which lead me to...

Journey of Awakening, Book #1 will be out in February. February! That's three months away! Ack! By then I will be working on the fourth book, currently unnamed, and doing copy edits on the third book.

Which leads me to...

Why this blog has seemed kinda empty lately.


I'd really better get back to work on Book #3

What have you all been up to lately?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Facts, Fantasy, Fun: Five facts

A recent post on Facebook about buttered tortillas led to a discussion about tortillas in general and how you can eat almost anything in a tortilla. Butter, meat, cheese, eggs... This of course made me ponder what I wouldn’t eat wrapped in a tortilla.

After thinking about it, I came up with five, okay, four things I would not eat on a tortilla. These, with a glaring exception, are things I would eat anyway.

Hot dogs
Human flesh

Uh, a brief explanation for that last one:
Me to seventeen-year-old daughter. I’m trying to think of something I wouldn’t eat in a tortilla.
Her: Chocolate.
Me: Got that.
Her: Human flesh
Me: Thinking she plays too many video games. 

I asked my husband the same question. He loves hot dogs and fish in tortillas by the way, but he’d never eat mayonnaise on a tortilla. I didn’t even think of mayonnaise. But I guess I wouldn’t eat it anyway... I have eaten peanut butter and jelly tortillas. Don’t knock it. Butter and cinnamon sugar...serious yum.

So my question to you. What wouldn’t you eat in a tortilla?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Facts, Fantasy, Fun: Fall!

My husband watches a lot more TV than I do. I usually pick one or two shows to watch a season and that’s it. But he introduced me to the Food Network and the various shows therein. We discovered Once Upon a Time and were both hooked. Okay, I made him watch the first show but he loves it as much as I do. Friends have recommended shows and I became hooked. Mostly I record and watch when I have a few minutes (read fold laundry or feed the baby).

So it is that I find myself this fall discovering show after show that I need to record or watch OnDemand. There’s a lot.

I mean a lot. 

How will I find time to get my fix? Here’s a list of the shows I want to watch this fall.

Bones (although this one is fading...they wrote themselves in a corner)
Vampire Diaries (Team Damian)
Once Upon a Time (This show has some good writers...okay suspend disbelief just a little but...)
The Office. (this is my go-to-I-need-a-laugh show)
Dexter (antagonist and can you help but be fascinated?)

There are others I watch with my dh. Sweet Genius, Chopped, Iron Chef, any contest such as the Great Food Truck Race or The Next Iron Chef.  Newly discovered this year, but kinda meh about so far but still watching: Revolution. (Anyone else see the similarity between this premise and S. M. Stirling’s Emberverse series?)

And we recorded but haven’t yet watched Nashville... I know...  but I’m a huge Hayden Panettiere fan since Heroes (why do they take off the best shows?) Save the cheerleader; save the world!
I used to be a huge Dancing With the Stars fan and my interest was piqued this season but so far I haven’t watched it. America’s Next Top Model kinda fell off my watch list too.

So what are you watching this fall? Which show did you most miss this summer? Do you watch shows as they air or record? What’s one show you wish they’d never taken off air?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Facts, Fantasy, Fun: Folly

I haven't been sleeping as much as I should. Baby still isn't sleeping through the night and naps are iffy...but getting better. But nap time for baby does not mean nap time for mommy. Despite the fact I'm home, I'm still a working mom.

That said, I can see that the sleeplessness has affected my powers of observation. Take this for instance. In the grocery store to pick up food for dinner, I walk by the various face masks and think I deserve to treat myself a little. So I read through the various packages and pick out this one: 

Do you all see it? Yup, this is a face mask for a man. It says so right on the upper-right-hand corner. In my defense, it's a very feminine-looking man but....

When I got home, and read the package again, realizing my mistake, I offered it to my husband who very firmly let me know face masks were not for him. (a manly man is my man.) ; ) 

So what am I gonna do with it? What would you do with it?