Friday, November 9, 2012

Facts, Fantasy, Fun: Fall!

My husband watches a lot more TV than I do. I usually pick one or two shows to watch a season and that’s it. But he introduced me to the Food Network and the various shows therein. We discovered Once Upon a Time and were both hooked. Okay, I made him watch the first show but he loves it as much as I do. Friends have recommended shows and I became hooked. Mostly I record and watch when I have a few minutes (read fold laundry or feed the baby).

So it is that I find myself this fall discovering show after show that I need to record or watch OnDemand. There’s a lot.

I mean a lot. 

How will I find time to get my fix? Here’s a list of the shows I want to watch this fall.

Bones (although this one is fading...they wrote themselves in a corner)
Vampire Diaries (Team Damian)
Once Upon a Time (This show has some good writers...okay suspend disbelief just a little but...)
The Office. (this is my go-to-I-need-a-laugh show)
Dexter (antagonist and can you help but be fascinated?)

There are others I watch with my dh. Sweet Genius, Chopped, Iron Chef, any contest such as the Great Food Truck Race or The Next Iron Chef.  Newly discovered this year, but kinda meh about so far but still watching: Revolution. (Anyone else see the similarity between this premise and S. M. Stirling’s Emberverse series?)

And we recorded but haven’t yet watched Nashville... I know...  but I’m a huge Hayden Panettiere fan since Heroes (why do they take off the best shows?) Save the cheerleader; save the world!
I used to be a huge Dancing With the Stars fan and my interest was piqued this season but so far I haven’t watched it. America’s Next Top Model kinda fell off my watch list too.

So what are you watching this fall? Which show did you most miss this summer? Do you watch shows as they air or record? What’s one show you wish they’d never taken off air?


  1. We're hooked on Grimm, Castle, and Last Resort. LOVE those! I also love New Girl and Big Bang Theory. DH is addicted to the Walking Dead, but that one is too melodramatic and gory for me.

  2. I want to watch Grimm. I liked the few times I watched it. I watched the the first few episodes of the Walking Dead, but the kids kept walking in so... ; )