Monday, October 3, 2011


I wrote Selia with one purpose in mind: to make her different.

I didn't want her to be a typical kick-ass heroine, although I did want her to kick some ass. Stereo-types are sometimes hard to avoid, but I really wanted to do my best.

So the first thing I decided, in honor of my sister, was to make her half black. (there is no Africa or America in ALTERED DESTINY so...) However, that is just who she is, so I didn't stress or highlight that fact. But go through the book with that in mind and it's obvious.

The second decision was to make her a virgin. To be fair, I fought it. I mean I write some pretty spicy stuff under a pen name, it felt...weird. But as I examined her situation and character, I couldn't deny that if felt right.

I didn't want Selia to be beautiful. I wanted her striking with a sure knowledge of who she is, and who she isn't. Confidence comes from knowing who you are, not pretending to be more than you are. I think that is beautiful in its own way.

Selia is also a study in contractions. She spends a good part of her life proving to others that she is not her mother's daughter, yet she loves her mother. She is strong because she has to be, because there was no one else to be strong, yet her life is catapulted into chaos by the decisions of others.

 Selia has a determination I admire. Tell her she can't do something and she'll say watch me. That quality also gets her in a lot of trouble.

I have a clear image in my head of what Selia looks like, but I couldn't find anything online that comes close. Well, with the exception of the woman on the book cover. So, for the next month, send me what you think Selia looks like. If there is more than one response, I'll randomly chose one and send the winner a $10 Amazon gift card! Sound good?

Contest will run until November 3rd!


  1. Nice! I love this, and I love Selia more.

    Great contest, but I'm SO bad at picking pictures for characters!

  2. Grrrr .... my profile photo is screwy this week.

  3. You're an exclamation mark inside of a triangle... that's interesting. ; )

    Me too. You know who I'm thinking?

  4. She might be a little too pretty...but. Thoughts?

  5. Hmm, I imagined Selia to be more petite tho. Not dainty petite, more of sleek petite so that she can duck and swerve and fight fast. And not that old yet. Haha, more 18-20 age range.

    Can't find a picture tho:(