Monday, July 30, 2012

Did you miss me?

I'm back! Please don't tell me you didn't realize I was gone. I can't believe how quickly eight weeks flew by. Then again those eight weeks were so full of new experiences and adventures that it also seems like it's been longer than that. For those of you who don't know, baby Emily Hannah Guzman was born on May 31st.  It's been a busy, sleep-deprived, joyful, and awesome time, but I have missed all of you.

Although there is a lot going on with me professionally right now, and I will share, today I'm going to stick with the mom hat I'm wearing more often than not. If I had a wallet with pictures, I'd pull it out right now, or the more modern cell phone with pictures. I really do this by the way. Go ahead, ask how the baby is and I'll grab my cell phone and show you one of over 300 pictures I have on my phone. I've even been known to randomly attach pictures to messages or emails because of course you want to see my little angel. I'm really not sure what the mortgage broker thought of that...
Any way, here she is!
This is a birth announcement her Auntie Crystal made:

Here she is last week.


  1. Such a little beauty! And yes, you've been missed and I'm glad you're back among the blogging!

  2. Thank you, Susan! It's good to be back.

  3. Welcome back. Does it feel like you just walked out of a deep, dark cave into blinding light and a scary crowd of people? lol

    She is soooo beautiful, by the way. You done good, mami. ;)

    1. Um yeah.. kinda. Lol I recently told someone that I felt like I'd been sleeping y was waking up.