Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I forgot a birthday

No, not mine, which was last week. Not my husband’s, which is next week, or any of my children. I missed Altered Destiny’s first birthday. Yup, a year ago, September 19th, my very first full-length manuscript was released. This is a cause for celebration don’t you think? But amid the looming editing deadlines, (three books!) meal planning, child raising, house keeping and trying to keep a healthy marriage, it got lost.
I was sitting on the couch in the living room, feeding the baby when I checked my phone’s calendar to see if I had anything pressing to do in the upcoming week when I noticed the date. I turned to my husband and said, “It’s Altered Destiny’s birthday today”. He looked at me with a combination of I’m sorry and congratulations.
So the emotional me was a bit upset at myself, but the business part of me was even more upset. I didn’t do nearly the amount of promotion I should have done for this book when it was released.  The anniversary of its release was a perfect time for giveaways, contests, blog tours, shouting from the rooftops “you really should read this; it’s awesome!” Not to mention I have a new book coming out in February so building a little interest in me and my writing would be smart. Very smart. *big sigh*
Promotion and me get along like water and oil. Unless we’re agitated and forced to blend, we just drift apart, sliding off each other, oblivious.  I’m seriously thinking of hiring someone to help me promote Journey of Awakening and her sister books next year.  Saying “buy my book” is ridiculously hard for me. 
So, lets share some virtual cupcakes in honor of Altered Destiny’s belated birthday. I’ll throw some confetti and pass the alcohol. You’ll have to drink for me, I’m still nursing.  On second thought, have two! : )

Have any of you ever dropped the promotion ball? What kind of promotions do you think work? Make you want to enter, comment or buy the book?

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