Monday, December 3, 2012

A Day in the Life: Cooking

Recently, on Instagram, I saw a picture of a cupcake. Now I always pay attention to cupcakes, but this is one I'd never heard of before. Ready?

Hot chocolate cupcake with marshmallow creme frosting.

Go ahead, take a moment to savor the idea. I did.

I asked Sophie Riggsby for the recipe and discovered it's a box cake. Now I have nothing against box cake mixes. You can jazz them up. I use them to make cookies. They're convenient.

And then, when shopping the next day, I saw this:

I  bought it and made this:

Did it taste as good as I was hoping? Well, no.

You see, I expected rich decadence, fluffy marshmallow. Heaven in a cupcake. Granted I didn't doctor it up as Sophie suggested (with a box of pudding mix) and that would have made it richer. And I'd had one of those days and decided to whip the marshmallow cream from a soupy mess into whipped glory  by hand. The cake was okay. The frosting too sweet.

I expected too much. 

Guess I'll stick to the liquid kind.

Have you tried any recipes or looked forward to eating something and were disappointed?

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