Thursday, November 17, 2011

My First Thanksgiving Dinner

An award winning actress, singer and stage director, Elise Warner has turned her formidable talents to romantic fiction. She currently lives in New York and we are lucky enough to have her on this blog today!

Here's Elise.

My First Thanksgiving Dinner

      My favorite holiday—Thanksgiving—will be here one week from today and Thanksgiving always conjures up memories of the first dinner I prepared as a newlywed. Parents, hubby’s and mine, gathered in the dining end of the living room and hubby carried the beautifully browned bird to the table. I worried about my mother-in-law’s opinion of my first feast. She had been cooking and baking since she was twelve when her mother passed away and she became the cook for her father, two working older brothers and a younger sister; a job at which she excelled. 
  My hubby flourished the knife, stuck the two-pronged fork (a set given as a wedding present) into our first turkey and began to carve. Halfway through dinner I realized I had never removed the giblets or the neck. They were still in the little bag stuck in the cavity. Fortune smiled—no one noticed.

     Asparagus was one of my vegetables. I trimmed the stalks and rinsed but the sand remained. The grains were ignored by all and my loving family valiantly nibbled away—there weren’t too many stalks left on their plates.

     Then there is the tale of my Lasagna. Vegetable Lasagna with Marinara sauce—baked ahead and frozen. Misreading the directions, I baked the dish for one hour and served—the Lasagna was still frozen. I checked the directions. When frozen-bake for two hours. As we celebrate this festival of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the wonderful parents and in-laws who always supported and encouraged me in whatever I chose to do with my life and never complained of indigestion when they were invited to dinner. 

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  1. Elise,

    You are blessed with wonderful parents and in laws! Believe me, worse things have been done to turkey than leaving the giblets intact. ; )

    Do you still cook Thanksgiving dinner?

    I've been cooking for many years and the first time I made dinner for my mother-in-law, I was so nervous I couldn't eat. I think it was lasagna.

    Thank you so much for being part of the blog! : )

  2. Too funny re the lasagna. I did the same thing but not for my MIL luckily. Enjoyed the post! Happy Thanksgiving!