Monday, November 7, 2011

New Traditions

Hello everyone,

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Jason Myers. What can I say about Jason? LOL I first met Jason on Twitter about two years ago. (Is that right, Jason?) Since then, I've had the privilege of critiquing several of his books and so know first hand that he's a talented writer. He's also one of those all-around good guys that are rare and few between. But you'll see that for yourselves. Here's Jason:

Happy Thanksgiving, friends

Not sure how many families do this, but my wife and I every year either go to my mother’s house or her mother’s house. We flip-flop to be fair. It’s tradition. It’s in stone. It’s just how things are done.

For the past few years, my wife has wanted to do the dinner at our house.  She’s wanted to cook the dinner, prepare the dishes—you know, Thanksgiving! But alas, the mothers don’t give in easily. Each year, she would approach either mine or hers (depending on whose year it was) and throw the idea out there that she was considering having it at our house.

Well, she did this while we were eating the dinner, and at the time, the mothers were beaten from all the cooking and the preparing. So their reactions were generally positive, because they were freaking tired and beat and just wanted it over.

However, as the years passed by, whenever she mentioned it closer to the time…the mother always seemed to forget. (Wait. Let me retype that. They “forgot”.) And we ended up having it at their homes. So my wife would smile and eat her turkey, wishing she could have it at our home. She was upset because she thought she would never get her turn until she was old and too tired to want to do it.

But this year, her mother acquiesced. We’re having it at our house. And since we are, we’ve got to plan. As in, more than a meal. Like, the entire freaking house has to be redone. We’re completely re-painting our kitchen our den and living rooms. And we got all new furniture. Yeah. All new furniture. For all three rooms. That’s before spending a nickel on the food. This is going to be one seriously expensive dinner.

So I’m kinda scared about how much the freaking meal is going to cost us. My wife wants to go all out since it’s her first year. Oh, and of course, she’s going to need my help. So I am getting dragged into this whole thing.

This is going to be insane. Wish me luck, people.


  1. Luck, Jason! LOL. I'm so glad your wife is getting her shot hosting the dinner. She deserves it after waiting so long. I know, that doesn't help you any. : ) Just smile and remember it's only once a year.

  2. I will. Gosh. I am already scared.
    To be honest, I am going to add a few of my own recipes into the "before-eating" snack foods. And all of my recipes are going to be H-O-T, as in incinerate your tongue!! HAHA! I will get the last laugh.


  3. Very funny and SO true! We had the same problem of the mothers not wanting to give up on hosting the dinner at their house on alternate years! My late husband finally just put his foot down when we had children - no more cross country travel at the holidays. Good luck with the dinner this year, Happy Thanksgiving!