Friday, April 20, 2012

What's blooming?

I am a writer but one of my other passions is gardening and cooking. So I thought why not indulge myself a bit? So I'm going to try to post something about either of those subjects each Friday. This are one of my favorite spring-time flowers. Here in zone 9, ranunculus bloom in April and May. This is one of those lovely, generous plants that bloom the more you cut! And as most of you know, I love cut flowers. I don't remember the exact type of flower this is but I love the vivid color. They glow in the sunlight. Ranunculus bloom in a wide range of colors though so take your pick! They grow from a bulb-no seeds-and will eventually spread. I have a cluster of them planted with my purple anemones. (I know my husband took a picture of them, but it's past time for the anemones already) Trust me, it's a gorgeous display. These are planted with pale purple creeping thyme.

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