Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Countdown to Awakening: Five days left!

 I don't know if its her sharp tongue or sharper wit but Maeyls has always been one of my favorite secondary characters. She's about as no nonsense as they come. She'll tell it to you like it is without worrying about your feelings because it's the truth and she wouldn't understand why you would rather live with an illusion. If you ever get a compliment from her, you know it's genuine. There is nothing outwardly soft about her at all. In that way, she's about as different from her cousin, Nolwen, as possible.

Yet, Maeyls is a healer, offering up her own strength to those in need. She is under the crust, a self-sacrificing woman and without her, Sara wouldn't become the person she needs to be.

Here's a scene with Maelys, and still one of my favorite explanations for Teann. 

“That much I’ve learned but little more. I know I’m supposed to give the stone back to the Siobani.”
“Just like that? Your words are naive, child.” Maelys’s voice fell to a tired whisper. “You asked of Teann, I’ll tell you everything I know. Teann is sacred to the Siobani. It’s a force guiding all things. But a living force, understand, not a blind one. It sees, it knows. It’s the lifebreath of creation, the tint of death, holding every cycle in its sway.”
 “But you said people could twist Teann.”
“Aye. If you drop a stone, it’ll fall. Right?”
Sara nodded.
“That’s the way of things,” Maelys said. “If you drop a stone on your brother’s head, it’ll hurt him, could
very well kill him. The force hasn’t changed, only the motives of the one using the force.” Maelys shrugged. “Teann doesn’t change the natural order but works to create order from chaos.”

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