Monday, February 18, 2013

For Alison

 When I started editing Journey of Awakening for production, I found out my usual Carina editor, Rhonda Helms, was not available. I won't lie, I was sad. I love Rhonda, we work well together. She'd kick my butt for that comma splice. I think she might even like me. She certainly has supported my writing efforts. It was with much trepidation and hesitancy that I turned to Alison Dasho. My fears were all misplaced. I still love Rhonda, but let me tell you, Alison is a genius. She is kind, smart and boy can she edit a manuscript! I have always said a good editor is worth his or her weight in gold. Alison is worth twice hers. So when I heard she was recovering from surgery and one of my fellow Carina authors, who is lucky enough to have Alison as her editor, suggested we do a little something to cheer her up, I jumped on it. So Alison, this is for you. I hope you like it.


The form under the blankets didn’t move. Sara hesitated. She didn’t want to frighten the woman but time was of the essence. She moved further into the room, disturbing a small feline. The cat gave her a look of disdain but padded out into the hallway.

She sat on the chair the cat had abandoned. Who was she kidding? She had nothing but time. Time to think, to wander, to... she shook her head. There was no point in going down that road. Zeynel had warned her that her time in this place was constrained. That's what was important. She stared at the unmoving form on the bed. She was here for one purpose: to pay back a favor.

Sara cleared her throat. The form mumbled something but didn’t move. Shaking her head, she stood. She couldn’t understand it. How had this woman survived so long? Sara would have woken up at the first footfall in the hall outside the bed. Of course Sara had been trained for such things her entire life, and she wasn’t wounded. This woman was.

A glance outside a large window also confirmed this wasn’t the world she was used to so maybe the woman had defenses she didn’t know about. She certainly had powers Sara didn’t understand. That this woman used those powers to free Sara was something she wouldn’t soon forget.

“Excuse me.”

The woman shot up in bed. The gasp echoed through the room.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Sara stood still, letting the woman get accustomed to her presence.

The woman leaned over toward a table and turned on a devise. Light filled the room. Sara blinked. So she was a magician with more than words.

“Who are you?” The  voice was scratchy but not panicked.

Sara relaxed a fraction. “Sara, from Anatar.”

“Sara?” The woman blinked.

“You are Alison Dasho, are you not?”

“Yes.” Alison nodded her head slowly. “Sara, from Anatar?”

“Yes. That is what I said.” Had she hit her head too?

Alison muttered something under her breath. Sara caught the words strangest and therapy.

“I’m here because word got to us that you were wounded.”  Sara sat on the edge of the bed. “I owe you my very life. Without you, my writer would never have had the confidence to write my story. Not to mention we’d all be talking and admiring the scenery without much action. I really do prefer action. I’d also be glancing, turning, gazing and especially smiling every other paragraph. If you knew me, you’d know I don’t smile often.” Sara shook her head.  “You are responsible for all of that.”

Alison scooted up against the plush fluffy objects at the head of her bed. “Yeah, you know, I’ve been thinking. You should lighten up a little.”

“Lighten up? I don’t understand.”

“Relax. Have a little fun.” Alison’s hands wove patterns in the air as she spoke. 

“I have task to perform. The weight of Anatar’s future is on my shoulders...and I don’t...I don’t know how to do it.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t worry. Things will get better.  There’s nothing wrong with showing a little emotion now and then.”

Sara sighed. “Yes, that is something I’m working on.” She opened her leather pouch. “You know I’m not a true healer, but I’m skilled with herbs.” She removed a vial. “Here, drink this. It will help your body recover from your trauma.”

“Thank you, but how are you here?” Alison took the vial and looked at it with suspicion.

Sara pulled out Ilydearta from beneath her tunic. “This is also called Waymaker, as you know. Zeynel discovered at one time, it could cross great distances and even travel between worlds.”

“I don’t remember reading that.”

“That is because my writer altered the story several times since then but the remnants remain, and...” She picked up the blue stone. “Ilydearta found a way.” Sara winked.  “The tincture is not magic, it doesn’t taste bad and it’s completely safe. It will make you feel better. You can trust me.”

Alison looked at the bottle. “Well, it doesn’t say Drink Me, but then my name is not Alice.”

Sara’s brows knit together in confusion then she glanced at the window. Pink tinged the horizon. “I must go. Be well, Alison. And thank you!”  


  1. Definitely love the character thanking Alison for saving her from glancing, turning etc! I also enjoyed the lost fragments from earlier drafts of her novel - very cool!

  2. <3 OMG This is so cute!!!!! I love it.

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