Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day in the Life:

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This is a man whom I admire. One of the things my mom did right was to raise her children as color blind as possible. I remember as a child thinking to judge someone by skin color made as much sense as judging them by eye color. My sister is mixed race and only 18 mos older than my oldest daughter. They grew up together and she spent a lot of time at my house  Growing up, I taught her and my children that we are all shades of brown. Ironically, it wasn't until my kids started school and were taught not to be prejudiced that they realized that people could be segregated by skin color.  I distinctly remember my now 12 yo coming home and telling me that her aunt couldn't drink out of the same water fountain. Thinking the teacher didn't mean that to be the lesson.

The sad thing about prejudice is it knows no prejudice. Anyone can be biased and judge by appearance only. I've experienced it. I know what an ugly thing it is and I am all too aware that Mr. King's speech is as needed today as it was back then.

Martin Luther King 

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