Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Series Review

Let me tell you about the Fire and Thorns trilogy from Rae Carson. In one sentence, I wish there were more.

I would have done a book review, but once I started reading, I couldn't put this series down. That's one of the benefits/draw backs of starting a series after it's already done.

Don't worry. No spoilers, just praise.

I love the world, the characters, the plot and now I hate that it's over! I'm not ready to say goodbye! From a writer's perspective I appreciate how finely crafted this book is. The hints of Latin and Hebrew are brilliant. The world building is second to none! There are way too many exclamation marks in the post!!! ; ) I could feel the history just under the story, waiting to be discovered. Rae Carson dug up just enough to make her present day world deep without burying us in layers.

A friend of mine suggested this series when I told her I was in the market for a really good fantasy series and now I'm suggesting it to you.

Just go read it. You won't be disappointed.... but I'd love to discuss it with you once you're done.

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