Sunday, September 18, 2011

Count down to Altered Destiny: 1 days

Jaden describes the place of his birth.

“But there was a problem,” Jaden continued. “Svistra take on the characteristics of their prey. This is not a concern when our diet is varied but for a hundred years, while the Svistra kept the human prisons, they fed on rapists and murderers, the dregs of human society. The change was slow. If children were a little more violent than their parents and grandchildren a little more bloodthirsty, it was just a sign of the times. Eventually, criminals were not enough. Svistra began attacking travelers, then villages. The kings responded, and the wholesale slaughter of Svistra began anew. We were driven far to the north where the air is cold even when the sun’s high in the sky. It is a rocky, desolate land where nothing grows and all things die quickly, even hope.”

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