Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jaden, love him or, well, why wouldn't you?

I thought it might be kinda fun to introduce you to some of the characters in ALTERED DESTINY. We're going to start with Jaden, the hero. 

Jaden. What can I say about Jaden?

Jaden was in the initial scene that inspired ALTERED DESTINY. I pictured a woman going somewhere important and along the way, she saves a man, only to find out he wasn't a man. This was the first dialogue written. (as in a I jumped off my treadmill and wrote it on a scrap of paper.)

“In payment for my life. I owe you fealty.”
She didn't glance back. “You owe no debt, and I need no servant.”
“You could do worse than having my loyalty, especially in this day and age.”
She turned to examine him. “I wasn’t aware your kind knew any form of loyalty, especially in this day and age.”

As you might know, this is a little different than the dialogue that appears in the book. You see, that was Jaden's scene. One of only two. I had plans to bring him back at the climax to repay his debt. But that's it.

Jaden had other ideas.

He stole the scene, the book and even the girl. Nathan was the original male protag. Poor Nathan. ; )

I always have a crush on my heroes. I figure if I don't fall in love with them, why should my heroine. But Jaden is special. Jaden is... more. He's not quite human, which I love. Also, with most of my male characters, I know what they look like. I've never actually "seen" Jaden's face.  I do know exactly what his upper body looks like. The picture in this post was my screen saver the entire time I was writing and editing this book.

Recently, someone sent me a picture of what they thought Caleb, one of my male heroes in my Lynne books, looked like. I was shocked how similar the picture was to my idea of Caleb. So I'm curious, if you've read ALTERED DESTINY, what do you think Jaden looks like?


  1. I don't know why, but the Jaden in my head's always in a ninja suit. Minus the face mask. And his face is always very foggy. But i think that's because whatever image my head conjures will always be very human. And Jaden's beauty is otherworldly.. So foggy, yes, but i know he's handsome:D

    By the way, who's Caleb?

  2. Hi CYP!

    Maybe that's why I've never really seen his face! Good point! Caleb is a character in one of my contemp romances.(I write under a pen name too)

  3. I'll give you my thoughts once I finish it. :) Thanks for blogging this.

  4. You're welcome! It's nice to see you again, Akatriel. IT's been a long time!