Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Count down to Altered Destiny: 6 days

Here's today snippet of Altered Destiny. Enjoy!

A few more horses thundered in from the south. Her limbs went numb. Slung across one of the horses was a large familiar shape. Oren.

Selia shook off Abel’s hands and ran toward the prone form. “By the gods, if you’ve hurt him.” She reached Oren’s side and touched the blood trailing down his face.

His eyes fluttered. Relief surged through her limbs. Strong hands grasped her arms and pulled her back. “That one had some fight, he did. Must be his woman.”

The soldiers laughed.

She struggled to free herself from the man’s grip to no avail. “Let. Him. Go.”

“I’d be a mite more concerned about yourself right now, missy,” her captor whispered in her ear.

Selia twisted hard, kneed the man in the groin, and then punched him in the jaw. “I said, let him go.”

She looked up in time to see the leader’s horse charge, a flash of steel, then darkness.

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