Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is Romance!

Today is my very first interview for ALTERED DESTINY~ Please stop by Isn't it Romance  where Joanna get's to scoop on some of  my thought processes as I wrote this book.

And don't forget, there are still 6 days to enter the contest to win a Starbucks gift card. Just comment on the post titled Release Day!  : )


  1. Hi!

    Just read the interview. You love history? I love history too! Actually only a specific time frame. Which is Before Christ era. Anything to do with the ancient civilisation of Egypt, Rome, Persia, Greece, I'd love it.

    So...The Svistra were borne from mosquitoes......that's good to hear. LOL. Kidding, but yeah, they're sexy. And cool. And awesome. I love Jaden! And if you're in for the sadistic but hot guys, then Keldar's fine. I thought Jaden's second-in-command, Ashani.


  2. I just realised that my comment was longer than your post...:/

  3. LOL I love that your comment was longer than my post. I love ancient history too. It was one of my favorite parts of homeschooling, especially the Egyptian and Roman empires. : )
    By the way, I think Ashani wants his own book.

  4. I am screaming and squealing right now. Can you hear it?

    Omg, YES PLEASE!!

    By the way, is Altered Destiny out in paperback?

  5. LOL. So that's what that was. No, I'm sorry it's not in paperback. : ( If it ever is, I'll be sure to shout it from the rooftop.

  6. But then you'll have to go with the straitjacket ppl..then we'll be short of one author:( lol.

  7. LOL. And that's just not a good look for me anyway. ; )