Friday, September 16, 2011

Count down to Altered Destiny: 3 days

This is one of my favorite details about Selia and Jaden's world: The White Forest. One of these days, I'd love to expand on it a little.

The White Forest stretched out from horizon to horizon. The sun’s early light failed to penetrate the mists. Grasses in the meadow crunched beneath her boots as though the blades were frozen or dead. Selia didn’t stop to determine which; her gaze didn’t waver from the tall bleached trunks surrounded by the swirling pale, almost silvery mist.

Her curiosity grew with each step. She understood why they said the forest was dead. The trees resembled bones more than branches, but their nakedness was only an illusion. Thin, almost transparent pale leaves shuddered on the white branches. Unlike the trees in winter that shed their leaves and wore a mantle of snow for a season, these trees didn’t bear the promise of life. Yet the forest felt far from dead. As she drew closer, a sensation of expectation increased. It waited for her.

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